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There are two main parts in Edlib, the content browser and the editor. The content browser is located in sourcecode/npm/components, and the editor is placed in sourcecode/apis/contentauthor. Both have a default language of en-gb and a fallback language of en-gb. If a language code is not provided it will use the default language. If there is untranslated strings or the language is not supported, the fallback language will be used.

If you want to translate or improve the translations, see the section about translating Edlib and learn how to do it.

Content browser

The language files are located in src/i18n. In the request provide the query parameter language with a supported language code. See src/i18n/index.js for a list of supported language codes.


The language files are located in resources/lang, and the setup is done in config/app.php. To set the language use launch_presentation_locale in the LTI request. When the editor is opened from the content browser, it will use the same language, if supported.

The editor consists of two parts, the Edlib editor and the H5P library editor. The H5P editor interface language will follow that of the Edlib editor, if supported.

The H5P editor lets you set the language to use for buttons and feedback when viewing the resource. When creating a resource this is set to the same language as the interface. This can be changed in the Text overrides and translations section in the H5P.

There is also a language setting in the sidebar, this should be set to the language of the content and is used by the content browser.

The reason for having a separate selector is that the language of the content and the language to use for buttons may differ. If for instance creating a resource for Norwegians to learn English, you may want the H5P set to Norwegian, to have the buttons and feedback in Norwegian so that the user can navigate easily, but the language in the sidebar set to English, since the content is in English.