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Edlib is an open-source application for creating, sharing, storing and using rich interactive learning resources.

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Edlib is being developed by Cerpus, a company based out of Northern Norway which is focused on developing innovative educational services and applications. Edlib was specificlly developed to allow for the creation and subsequent management of H5P-based interactive learning resources for Cerpus's own application Gamilab as well as being easily capable of integration into third-party learning applications.


We are continuously trying to improve Edlib and its documentation. Please create an issue if you have any suggestions for improvement or, alternatively, fix the issue yourself and submit a Pull Request. It's great to have you aboard 😉

Why Edlib?

Edlib allows you to create highly interactive H5P-based learning resources. The H5P platform provides a wealth of different interactive and rich content types for learning purposes. We believe that an increased level of meaningful interactions leads to a higher level of engagement. A higher level of engagement, in turn, leads to increased motivation ultimately resulting in a more positive learning outcome for the learner.

What's more, the internet is a huge collection of self-contained content repositories like Wikipedia and YouTube with many purpose-built tools to create rich interactive content. So, the question becomes: How can we combine the vast trove of existing, high-quality content with the necessary creation tools to ensure a superior learning experience for the individual learner? We think that, at least, a part of the answer to that question is to make the threshold for acquiring external content as low as possible. In Edlib, for example, a YouTube video can be converted into an Edlib resource by just providing its URL and from that point onwards it will be included in the Edlib content repository just like any other Edlib resource for the purpose of reuse.