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Custom Development

Cerpus is a software development company that has been operating in the educational services industry for close to 20 years and is trusted by many partners. Offering cost-affordable yet high-quality development services, Cerpus has successfully partnered with a number of Norwegian organizations and companies, including NDLA, the Norwegian Digital Learning Arena, Statped, Norway's special needs education support services for municipalities and counties and Opscom Systems, a Norwegian company that designs and develops operational management systems for the national and international aviation industry.

How We Approach Your Project

Every software development project is different and requires its own unique approach.

Startup Product Development

  • Project discovery and analysis: Bespoke processes for creating a living technical blueprint to drive product development.
  • Design and prototyping: UX/UI Design for all platforms and rapid, cost-effective prototyping.
  • MVP development: Fast time-to-market with smart MVP and proof-of-concept development and subsequent expansion.
  • Product management: Data-driven approach for turning the MVP into a fully-fledged digital product.

Project-Based Development

  • Services: One-stop solution provider for educational software development.
  • Agile methodology: Applying best agile software development practices through either the Scrum or Kanban development methodologies.
  • Waterfall methodology: Waterfall approach for fixed-price projects.
  • Maintenance and support: Comprehensive maintenance and support coverage.