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Gamilab Game-based Learning

Gamilab is an online platform where you can find and create easy, fun and educational games. Gamilab uses game elements to motivate and engage players to learn faster and better, and to be more involved in their learning. By using elements like points, stars, highscores and badges we make learning feel like a game and motivate the player to learn while playing.

By the way, if you want to create your own Gamilab game to share with your students, then take a look at the Gamilab Support page.

Gamilab game: Test Your Gamification Knowledge

With Edlib, Gamilab can use H5P-based content for in-game exercises. For example, in the game above, different H5P-based content types are used, including Multiple Choice, Fill in the Blanks and Find the Hotspot.


To actually play the game above, provide a nickname and click on the Continue button and follow the instructions. Good luck! 😉

Edstep A Platform to Learn and Teach

Edstep is an online platform that allows you to learn new things or teach others by taking or creating fun and exciting, interactive web courses while easily collaborating and sharing resources with others in real time.

Edstep course: Test your knowledge of the gaming industry

Edstep, via Edlib, uses H5P-based content for in-course interactive exercises.


Click on the green Start Course button to actually take the course. Logging in is not required.