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Generate Keys

In order to make requests against the Edlib API you must first create an application and accompanying token in Edlib's admin interface.

You can find the admin interface under Settings > External applications.

External application list
Image: External application list

If you don't have an external application you can create one by clicking the "Create New" button and providing a suitable name. After creating the application click on the application's entry in the list to generate a token by pressing the accompanying "Create New" button.

External application
Image: External application

The generated token will be displayed (in green) once it has been generated.


You will not have the possibility to retrieve the token later so make sure to take good care of it.

The application's identifier is displayed just above the "Create New" button. You will need the application's identifier together with its token to authenticate requests.

Authenticated Requests

You must set the following headers in order to make valid application requests:

  1. x-api-key. This is where you provide the token.
  2. x-api-client-id. This is where you provide the application's identifier.

You are now all set to make requests to the API.