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Creating content

This article will look at how to create new content in Edlib.

Click the Create content button on the top left of the page to start creating content. Here you will have two options:

Creating new content

Starting from scratch: When you want to create your own content


Interactivity will probably be your most-used category. Here you will find all the supported H5P's in Edlib's catalog. You can approach creating your own interactive content in three ways:

Create from scratch

The default choice is to create your resource from scratch. Start by choosing which H5P type you want to use. You can use the search bar to search for a specific resource from the list below. Clicking Details lets you see a more detailed description of the H5P type, including pictures and a link to an example of the H5P type. For more info on editing an H5P, see Editing an Edlib Resource.

Interactive content

Create your own interactive content.

For a complete list of all H5P types and how to use them, check out's Examples and Downloads page. Edlib supports most of the H5P content types.

Upload an H5P

If you've downloaded an H5P from another site (like, you can upload it here.

Upload an H5P

Paste another Edlib resource

You can copy and paste another Edlib resource to use it as a base for your new resource. This approach is useful when you've created a template that you want to use with different content

Open the resource you want to copy, and choose Copy on the top of the editor.

Copy Edlib resource

Copy the resource you want to use…

Click Create content, then Interactivity. Here you can paste the copied resource to start editing your new resource.

Paste Edlib resource

And paste it in to create a new resource!


Question sets are good tools to create quizzes. If you want to put some extra flair to your quiz, why not make it into a Millionaire game show?

Creating a question set

Create your quiz or Millionaire game in a few simple steps!

Your question set can either become a regular quiz…


or an exciting Millionaire game!

Millionaire game