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Max Score


When using an H5P from Edlib that gives a score in e.g. Gamilab, the game designer can use the score to decide if the user can proceed to the next step, or to create different paths depending on the users score. To help the game designer create rules and paths, and avoid setting impossible requirements, Gamilab needs to know the maximum score that the H5P can give. Edlib can provide this information when the game designer selects an H5P to use.

The max score is calculated on the client side when the H5P is saved in Content Author. This is done with a pre-save script that adds the max score to the data sent to the server. Some H5P libraries have this script included in the library package, like the H5P.CoursePresentation library. However, most H5P libraries do not have this file. Edlib lets you add this file to the library, after the library has been installed in Edlib.

If you are creating a new H5P library that can give a score, you should include the pre-save script in the H5P package.